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PLAS Activities

Activities in Uganda

Support for AIDS Orphans in Galuwero, Luwero District

Establishing a job training center and a unique school for AIDS orphans!

PLAS ActivitiesFrom 2008 until 2010, PLAS is engaged in the construction of three new classrooms in the local-resident established Basajjansolo Memorial Training Centre, and is putting into order an environment in which children can safely receive an elementary education. Also, in connection with these construction activities, through collaboration to enrich AIDS education at the school and through AIDS enlightenment workshops in the region, we are making an effort to put the brakes on the fundamental issues of AIDS orphans and of AIDS itself by making correct information regarding HIV/AIDS widely known, and by attempting to end discrimination against HIV/AIDS and AIDS orphans.

Support for AIDS Orphans in Nabweru, Wakiso District

School for AIDS orphans located in the slums

PLAS ActivitiesIn Nabweru, a suburb of Uganda's capital city of Kampala, there is an elementary school for AIDS Orphans known as the "Blessed Nursery and Primary School". The school houses approximately 120 students, half of which are AIDS orphans, and the other half tuition-paying non-orphans. PLAS began support in 2006, and so far the entire school has been reconstructed, new chairs and desks have been built, the educational environment has been put in order, and advice has been provided regarding management and administration of the school, as well as on regional AIDS education projects

Activities in Kenya

Support for AIDS orphans in Ukwala, Nyanza Province

Experiment using agriculture to facilitate school attendance by AIDS orphans

PLAS ActivitiesUkwala is located in Nyanza Province in Kenya, one of the areas with the highest rate of HIV infection. Ukawala has a population of approximately 20,000 people, nearly 7000 of which are orphans, and another 3000 of which are over the age of 60. In addition, roughly 64% of these orphans are being cared for by someone over the age of 60.
Since 2007, PLAS has been carrying out an agriculture project at the Mathiwa Primary School, helping to sponsor supplies, make ties with organizations educated in farming techniques, and giving farm work aid and project advice. In addition, we have been engaged in projects for regional AIDS awareness. From now our aim is to develop agricultural projects of the same caliber at other elementary schools throughout the entire region.

Domestic Projects

Domestic ProjectsLAS is also engaged in domestic activities with the purpose of educating as many people as possible about the current condition of AIDS orphans and of the necessity of giving them our support.

World AIDS Orphans Day Campaign

In connection with World AIDS Orphans Day on May 7th, starting in 2007 PLAS developed the "Pieces for Peace" campaign. In order to help people recognize the issue of AIDS orphans and to encourage them into action, PLAS has carried out various events, including photo exhibitions, film works, special installation websites, and lectures.


We hold lectures on the current state of AIDS orphans and the regions in which they live.

Research Activities

As a means of providing weekly news, recent news stories related to HIV/AIDS and AIDS Orphans from around the world are summarized into Japanese. This information is updated weekly on Wednesday. Information related to AIDS orphans is also provided via a newsletter and database.

Event and Information Meetings

We hold project reports, study, and cultural exchange meetings, displaying events related to all kinds of international cooperation as well as Africa.