AIDS Orphan Support NGO PLAS

AIDS Orphan Support NGO PLAS

Founded in Dec 2005, AIDS Orphan Support NGO - PLAS (Positive Living through AIDS Orphan Support) is a NGO dedicated to working on the issue of children who have become victims of HIV/AIDS, also known as AIDS orphans.

AIDS OrphanPLAS aims to improve the current state of AIDS orphans, and carry out activities together with local organizations in Uganda and Kenya. In Uganda, we carry out activities for AIDS enlightenment along with the administration of the "Blessed Nursery & Primary School" in the capital city of Kampala. In Kenya, we work on agricultural and enlightenment projects with the Mathiwa Primary School in the Siaya district of Nyanza prefecture, an area with one of the highest AIDS infection rates.

In addition we are developing activities to increase domestic awareness of the issue of AIDS orphans.

AIDS OrphanWe are always recruiting volunteers to share in carrying out these activities. We send volunteers for short and mid-length assignments in Africa, and are always looking for enthusiastic people, so please enquire if you are interested!

Finally, we summarize world HIV/AIDS and AIDS Orphan news in Japanese. This summary is available every week on Wednesday, and can be viewed at Weekly News Update.